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Sometimes you just feel like having a kitchen adventure at home.

Mine usually goes something like this: I add the garlic to the hot oil, stir a little, and then panic because I haven’t prepped anything else. Suddenly I’m tearing into grocery bags and chopping haphazardly to the tune of crackling burnt garlic.

One thing’s for sure, having a pro with you in the kitchen is very calming. The other day I relinquished all chef power to P.F. Chang’s Culinary Partner Doug Burton to learn how to make our Spicy Tuna Roll.

Step 1: Place a sheet of nori on a sushi mat.

Step 2: Pat an even layer of sushi rice onto the nori. The rice should hang a little over the edges of the nori.

Step 2 ½:
Go back to Step 1 and put gloves on or get a damp towel to dab your fingers. Trust me, rice was everywhere!

Step 3:
Add a row of fresh, sushi-grade ahi and cucumber sticks. Spicy people: add some Sriracha.

Step 4:
Start rolling. Pull the sushi mat towards you to get it going. Once it’s rolled over, pull the mat away from you while tucking the roll in tighter.

Step 5:
Cut in half. Clean the knife. Cut in half again. Clean the knife. Cut in half again. (That’s really how they do it!)

Step 6:
Plate like a pro with ginger and wasabi.

Pro tip: hang a GoPro above your head for an aerial view. Turn on hyperlapse to evoke chaos.

Stop in for some sushi that’s actually made by a professional chef – like Doug!

For every sushi roll ordered during the month of September, a bowl of rice will be donated to those in need, thanks to our friends at USA Rice and Feeding America.