Bento Box Lunch Ideas From a P.F. Chang’s Chef Dad


Have you ever wondered if chefs make gourmet meals when they’re at home like they do when they’re working? We have! Chef Yuji is on the culinary innovation team at P.F. Chang’s -- he’s the genius behind our new Jicama Street Tacos. He’s also a dad to two little girls. 

Because school is back in session and September is National Rice Month, we asked Chef Yuji for some delicious and nutritious school lunch ideas using the U.S. grown rice that we source. 

Spam sushi, known as spam musubi, is a popular lunchtime snack in Hawaii. Spam was a popular main course for the military during World War II, and the local Japanese made musubi with it. It’s a simple dish made with a large piece of fried spam on a block of rice and wrapped in nori. 

Try this easy-to-make, budget-friendly school lunch to get your kids thinking about different food cultures. Chef Yuji packed it with sliced pineapple and steamed edamame for a yummy balanced meal.







serves three kids

2 cups cooked short grain sushi rice
4 pieces of spam
3-4 nori sheets
your choice of Asian seasoning

Cook the sushi in a pan until golden brown.
Use soy sauce, sesame seeds, and a pinch of sugar when frying for more flavor.
Flatten a layer of rice onto a nori sheet.
Add the spam piece to one half of the nori.
Roll over to create the sandwich.
Cut into smaller pieces like a sushi roll.

Rice is naturally gluten-free and GMO free, plus it provides 15 necessary vitamins and minerals. Learn more about U.S. grown rice from our friends at USA Rice. Keep your eyes out for more fun stories from the P.F. Chang’s chefs.