THE Raising Our Glass To
California Wine Month

September is California Wine Month!


This September, we’re raising a glass to honor and celebrate the California winegrowers that make the delicious California wines we serve at P.F. Chang’s. Mary Melton, P.F. Chang’s beverage director, says that what makes California wines so special is unique to each person. “For some people, it’s the nostalgia of a California merlot, and for some it’s the unique flavor that comes from growing grapes in the sunny California weather,” says Mary.


According to the Wine Institute of California, the abundant sunshine in California provides a long grape growing season, and the diverse terrain is fertile ground for a variety of wine grapes. Believe it or not, weather has a lot to do with a grape’s flavor. Sommeliers and wine experts can even smell the unique qualities of the grape’s growing environment. Mary says, “When you smell a wine, you’re actually tasting it before you even take a sip. Wines are filled with aromatic compounds that determine much of the complexity of the wine’s taste.


At P.F. Chang’s, we serve a variety of California wines that Mary has hand-selected to pair with the bold Asian flavors on our menu. Feeling like classic Mongolian Beef? Try it with a red fruity wine such as Benziger Merlot from Sonoma. Filling the table with sushi and lettuce wraps to share? You can’t go wrong with a dry sparkling wine like Mumm Napa Brut produced in Napa Valley. Delicious!. Asian food and wine pair really well together, and according to Mary, there’s always the perfect glass of wine to go with your meal.


Especially when that meal is made from scratch, like at P.F. Chang’s. Farm to Wok™ is our food philosophy for making food from scratch every day using fresh ingredients. Green onions are one of the most important ingredients in our kitchens and are grown at third-generation Muranaka Farm in California. There’s a lot to celebrate about California and for that, we raise our glass!


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