Our Two Newest
Crafted Sushi Rolls

Kung Pao Dragon and Shrimp Tempura


Japanese sushi maki is fun to make and even more fun to eat, no matter how skilled you are at chopsticks. Our two newest sushi rolls are rolled by hand with fresh ingredients and house-made sauces. Introducing the new Kung Pao Dragon Roll and new-ish Shrimp Tempura Roll.


Kung Pao Dragon Roll

Seared crusted tuna
Fresh cucumber and avocado
Peanut tempura crunch
Sesame sushi rice
Nori wrap
Sriracha sauce

What makes this roll Kung Pao? The combination of the crunchy chopped peanuts and spicy sriracha sauce make this sushi roll authentically Kung Pao.


Shrimp Tempura Roll

Crisped tempura shrimp
Fresh cucumber and avocado
Sesame sushi rice
Nori wrap
Umami sauce

What’s umami sauce? Umami is a unique flavor element that usually means savory. This umami sauce is the final touch that brings everything together in one creamy, crunchy bite.

You know what goes really well with sushi? WINE. Check out our sushi menu and plan your next sushi and wine night.