A Chinese Food Phenomenon


Our story begins with the unlikely venture of co-founder Philip Chiang into the culinary world. With his mother’s authentic recipes as the inspiration, he teamed up with restaurateur Paul Fleming to create, to their own surprise, a Chinese food phenomenon.

EARLY 1960S: Even though the first P.F. Chang’s opened in 1993, the story begins in the early 1960s. Cecilia Chiang was flourishing in the wild success of her Chinese restaurant, The Mandarin. Flash forward to 1974 and she has a second location in Beverly Hills, feeding celebrities like John Lennon and Yoko Ono. That year, Cecilia was called back to China for an extended trip. Her son Philip stepped in to run the restaurant. And run the restaurant he did.

lettuce wraps

1990s: Enter restaurateur Paul Fleming. He’s living in Arizona running a successful restaurant concept, but also spending time at his regular Chinese place in Los Angeles called Mandarette. How does restaurant owner Philip Chiang make only three ingredients taste so tantalizingly delicious? Later, with a handshake, they agree to share the lettuce wrap magic, and P.F. Chang’s is born.

Many guests don’t realize that P.F. Chang’s has a scratch kitchen – we wouldn’t have it any other way! We hire chefs, not kitchen managers. Even the simplest tasks, like julienning carrots, are done with passion. The pinches and folds in the dim sum must be perfect.

As we look at Asia, the opportunities to take our guests on a journey is in front of us. The intersection of history and food and culture across Asia is going to continue to be part of the menu at P.F. Chang’s.